Kid Sister On Her New Album, Her New TV Project + a D*ckheaded Character on Girls

We happened to find ourselves at Williamsburg's finest gay bar, Sugarland, on Saturday night to catch Kid Sister's Northside Festival show and, like any self-respecting reporter at 2 a.m., we cornered her for a post-show interview. So what did the Chicago rapper (who now lives in L.A.) have to say for herself?  Oh, well, only that she's working on a TV show, recently spent $100 on "Last Supper" medallions at an L.A. swap meet and that she thinks a certain castmember on Girls has a head (that would actually be referring to the one on your neck) that resembles a penis...or a mushroom. Read on.

When you play gay bars, do you change your set at all?
My DJ played a Robyn song and I've got a Paris is Burning-reference hat [that says "Executive Realness"] but other than that, no.

My friends and I were really admiring your dance moves.  Where'd you learn them?
I got my moves from high school. I went to Catholic school [in Chicago] until I was 14 -- and then I went to public school and I was like, "Damn, these bitches are crazy. I love them! You can say 'fuck' and no one cares?!" We had these pep rallies and there were a lot of these fake little gangbangers in the school and juke music is very popular in Chicago. People would make beats on the table and a bunch of kids would get together [and dance]. It wasn't like a circle -- it was not like b-boys. I did it too. That's where I learned how to dance. 

You live in L.A. now, correct?  You don't live in Chicago anymore?
Yeah. L.A. is so tranquil. The sky is always blue. The sun's always shining and it's hard to be in a bad mood.

Do you have any upcoming projects you're working on?
I'm working on a mixtape with Flosstradamus [Ed note: J2K of Flosstradamus is Kid Sister's brother] and Mishka.  

When will it come out?
All of the new songs I did tonight are on it so probably it'll come out in the next two months.  And then I'm working on a television show too.

A television show? What's it about?
I can't tell you all the details, girl.

Can you tell us a few of the details?
It's a docu-series.

So it's about you and your crew?
Yeah, it's in the baby stages. We're working on it. Fingers crossed.

Do you have a working title?
Banjee Girl Realness. [Ed note: See the Urban Dictionary definition of 'Banjee' here.]

Tell me about these medallions you have on.
I went to the swap meet in L.A. and I got a lot of shit. I spent $100 at the swap meet --  what the fuck? It got me all these jewels. I got the 'Last Supper' [points to necklace featuring the "Last Supper" in gold] and this cross and I got a bone. But anyway, yeah, I went a little crazy two days ago in L.A.  Everyone told me it was really hood and I was like, "it's not hood here."  People are not wild in L.A. like they're wild in Chicago.  

You also have this more glam style sometimes. Tell me about your look in general.
I like cute [stuff]. Yesterday I was wearing a dress from Anthropologie with bicycles on it -- it's cute but it's sooo twee. It's so sweet and so Zooey Deschanel.  

[Kid Sister starts talking about Girls with one of her friends.

Do you watch Girls?
The first few episodes I thought were really good and then the end was getting lame.

Really? I feel like I've been hearing a lot of people saying the opposite -- that they were turned off by the first episode.
The first episode was great!  

Are you pro-Adam?
The weird boyfriend? I don't think he's hot, he's a fuckin' dork but that's cute. His head looks like the head of a penis and a mushroom -- it's like triangular! Sorry, it really does. The point is, I am pro-him because when he [asks Hannah], "Do you want a fucking relationship?" he wants that too. I really like the uptight girl [Marnie] because I feel like we're the same. I have this [onstage] persona but I feel like I can be an uptight person sometimes too.

With extra reporting by Michael Shane

Photo courtesy of The Agency Group

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