Kick-Ass On Blu-ray & DVD!

Out this week on Blu-ray and DVD combo is Kick-Ass, (Lionsgate) a wildly successful mix of subversive humor and high octane gun-blazing action that will have parents apoplectic and kids ecstatic. Director Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake) gives the movie a nice emotional center with hormonal, comic book geek, high-schooler Dave (the engaging Aaron Johnson) who sends away for a green super hero outfit and sets out (with initially disastrous results) to become a secret crime fighter. Along the way he meets a real team of caped crusaders- Big Daddy (a drolly funny Nicolas Cage) and his 11-yea-old, foul-mouthed, purple-wigged, crack shot, daughter Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz), who are planning to bring down a big crime boss. The movie juggles teenage angst and action well, and the big showdowns with the diminutive Hit Girl flying up walls shooting and hurling knives is so hilariously wrong it's right. I've always dreamed of seeing Dora The Explorer directed by John Woo. This movie kicks ass. It really should have done better box office but maybe on DVD it will generate fans. With countless extras and the origin of the comic book of Kick-Ass you have to check it out!

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