Saks Fifth Avenue recently hosted a book signing/T-shirt sale of artist Kenny Scharf's work to celebrate the release of his first cartoon, The Groovenians. Premiering November 10th on the Cartoon Network, the half-hour show will visually mesmerize junior and senior audiences alike with its delirious, hypnotic science fiction. Based on Scharf's psychedelic world and characters, the animation oozes with a firework of colors, special intergalactic effects and futuristic interplanetary action. Stylish young people fight to defend their grooviness, seeking a perfect world where their artistic natures receive consideration and respect. Even though they manage to find a better planet, there's still problems with greedy characters and shady roommates. Scharf's philosophies are expressed through a fascinating feast of computerized tricks.

Some of the action is reminiscent of more famous animation like The Jetsons or Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas, but nothing compares to Scharf's totally original take on cartoons. The artist has been spreading his message of a colorful, alternative world for more than two decades, and has moved from canvases and sculptures into this new medium, where he's seeking a fresh audience -- kids. Supported by a bevy of famous friends doing voice-overs (Dennis Hopper, Paul Reubens, Ann Magnuson, Vincent Gallo, Debi Mazar and Rupaul), the soundtrack includes compositions from cult musicians B-52's and Marc Mothersbaugh (Devo). Finally, a high-five goes to Mr. Jordan Reichek, Scharf's partner in crime and master animation engineer, who brought life to Scharf's art. The Groovenians will be airing November 10th on the Cartoon Network at 10:30 p.m.

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