Kelly Bensimon's Fashion Week Diary Part II: Getting Creative at the Gap

Kelly Bensimon
Kelly Bensimon, whom you might know from a little television show called The Real Housewives of New York, is a model, writer, party circuit fixture and general lady-about-town. She'll be covering the goings on in NYC during Fashion Week for PAPERMAG. recently filmed me while I was at the Gap to pick out some looks to wear to Mercedes Benz Fashion week. Yes, the Gap. I know you're probably wondering how the Gap fits into Fashion Week. Aren't I supposed to be decked in the latest and greatest trends on the runway? It turns out you can find looks similar to those at the Gap. Who knew? I went for a leather jacket with layers of tees and a button down with skinny jeans ala Michael Kors, and jeggings and a plaid shirt paired with a news boy looked sexy and cool ala Marc Jacobs's grunge collection. All paired with hunter green patent stilettos, I'm now Fashion Week ready. It's not where you shop, its what you look for. Channel a designer or icon, and getting dressed can be a lot more fun than just wearing clothes.

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