Katy Perry's Candy-Coated Roseland Ballroom Show

Alex Catarinella

"What the fuck? Isn't this Microsoft here? Don't they own half of the world?" joked Katy Perry about the lack of open bar for non-VIPS at her free show last night at Roseland Ballroom, a launch party for the Windows Phone 7. Perry looked delicious with her bouncy new curly ponytail (but yes, there were blue wigs in the audience), a mini dress with cupcakes all over it (obviously), and cute flats. The flats were necessary, because Perry was all over that stage.  Impressive, considering she was in Madrid for the EMAs the night before. Yep, she sang all of the hits including highlight "Teenage Dream," complete with an dramatic acapella intro (perhaps inspired by this?) and an overactive smoke machine, and a stripped down, jazzed-up "I Kissed A Girl." But the highlight of the fun-filled, bounce up and down of an evening was when Perry reminded us of her pre-Russell Brand days -- you know, when she was just a struggling rock chic in L.A. with an acoustic guitar and a penchant for cheeky song lyrics.  "You wanna play with me? You wanna step on a kitten? I'll fuck you up in a song," said Perry before launching into "vintage" Katy, as she put it, with "Ur So Gay," a song that GLAAD and Anderson Cooper have been surprisingly silent about. And I'm so straight for, you Katy.

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