Katherine Bigelow Wins! Dennis Dermody Reminisces!

Dennis Dermody

Katherine Bigelow wins! I was absolutely thrilled last night about The Hurt Locker winning all those Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director... firstly, because the movie is truly great; but secondly, because Katherine Bigelow deserves it. She and Monty Montgomery shot Willem Dafoe in The Loveless in 1982 and has been in the family for a long time. Here is a picture of the time she took Jack Dafoe (who I babysat for many years) and me to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles (mainly because I yearned to visit the set of Rebel Without a Cause). Being there that day was so much fun -- mostly for her company and her great kindness. And I've watched with immense joy her career as an artist and director through the years. Is there anything better than the vampire film Near Dark? Of course not. The Hurt Locker was a risky project, one which she approached with such passion and strength, it makes it that much sweeter. This is one of those rare times an award is rightly achieved. To a wonderful visionary, Katherine Bigelow, I salute you!

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