Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" Is Our Music Video of the Day

Though Kate Bush's 1985 album Hounds of Love is her most commercially successful album so far, "Wuthering Heights," off her 1978 debut The Kick Inside, remains her biggest-selling single to date. (Wikipedia!) The song, inspired by Emily Brontë's enduringly disturbing Gothic novel, tells the story of the tortured relationship between Catherine and the brutish Heathcliff. The song has two videos, one released in the UK (above), which features Bush performing interpretative dance moves in white fog, and another released in the U.S. (below), which features Bush performing interpretive dance moves in a field. I watch these videos like once a month and her zombie hands for the lyric "bad dreams in the night" in both versions never get old. In May, Bush released Director's Cut, a collection of reworked songs from The Sensual World and Red Shoes. Check out the video for the album's "Deeper Understanding" here.

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