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Karl Lagerfeld Designed a Punching Bag for Louis Vuitton

by Emily McEnroe
Karl Lagerfeld's Punching Bag and Punching Trunk for Louis Vuitton

In honor of celebrating one hundred and eighteen major years, Louis Vuitton commissioned artists and designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Rei Kawakubo, Cindy Sherman, Christian Louboutin, Frank Gehry and Marc Newson to create special pieces for a new project called Celebrating Monogram. These works include a tote with holes by Rei Kawakubo, a fold out trunk by Cindy Sherman, a backpack by Marc Newson, a shopping caddy by Christian Louboutin, and a distorted box by Frank Gehry. But if we had an extra 200k to spend, we'd definitely go for the collection designed by Lagerfeld, which is centered on a limited-edition monogrammed punching bag. As seen above, the Chanel designer created 25 of these bags that come with all LV everything including a mat, boxing gloves, and luggage. According to T Magazine, the whole kit runs for "about $175,000." Makes Soul Cycle classes look downright cheap.  
Rei Kawakubo's Bag With Holes for Louis Vuitton

Cindy Sherman's Studio in a Trunk for Louis Vuitton

Marc Newson's Fleece Pack for Louis Vuitton

Christian Louboutin's Shopping Trolley for Louis Vuitton

Frank Gehry's Twisted Box for Louis Vuitton

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