Kanye West is collaborating with Chief Keef and Paul McCartney(?!)

by Gabby Bess

On Saturday night, 19-year-old rapper Chief Keef teased an unreleased song with Kanye West via Instagram. The track, "Nobody," is what you would expect from the two Chicago MCs. In the 15-second clip Mr. West brings in a sample lifted straight from a 1970's Blaxploitation film and Chief Keef brings what can only be described as his Chief Keefness.

But today's Kanye West collaboration news is a little more surprising. While there's no Instagram video footage to support the claims, The New York Post reports that Kanye West is "secretly" recording a song with Paul McCartney. The track is tentatively titled, "Piss on My Grave." 

Kanye West is known for only wanting to be associated with the best, regardless of medium or genre so, in a way, this totally makes sense. The only thing left to figure out (besides everything) is whether "Piss on My Grave" will be a classic Yeezus brag track or a tender, R. Kelly inspired love song between the two.

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