Justin Bieber Wept Freely Onstage During A Purpose Tour Performance

Two weeks ago Bieber stormed off stage at the Manchester leg of his interminable Purpose World Tour because his fans were screaming too loud when he was trying to have an "authentic moment." Well Looks like he finally got that moment at his show in Frankfurt, when his performance of "Purpose" reduced the singer to streaming hot smile-cry tears on stage. Maybe being in Germany made him think of his long lost pet monkey OG Mally. Maybe he was overwhelmed by the hormonal horde of hysterical German pre-teens wailing "Justin Bieba" into the night and clawing for him like those raccoons clawing blindly for treats in that creepy Russian Youtube video I can't un-see. Maybe he's just had "Mad World" playing softly in the back of his mind this entire time. We can't know! We can't know.

Watch the video below...

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