Just a Few 'Wild and Crazy Guys' (Plus One Girl)


Peelander Z
Japanese-born, New York-based Punk Band
"Our style is Ramones and Devo meets the Power Rangers playing pretty music on the stage -- plus human bowling."

Kayvon Zand

New York nightlife fixture and electro-pop singer

"Everyone asks, 'How do you sleep with your hair like that?' And I say, 'How do you wake up with your hair like that?'"

Mr. Muthafuckin' Exquire
Brooklyn rapper recently signed to Universal Republic
"My style is impregnable ... My style eats niggas' kids."

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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
British DJ and Electronic Artist (née Orlando Higginbottom)
"Dinosaurs are fucking ridiculous. They can never be trendy. They're never going to be on a catwalk."

Riff Raff
A Hollywood rapper who was an inspiration for James Franco's character in Harmony Korine's forthcoming film, Spring Breakers.
"My style is aggressively, progressively flamboyant, yet tastefully disrespectful to the basic-mined haters."

Zebra Katz

The Brooklyn MC's song "Ima Read" played at Rick Owens' show during Paris fashion week.
"Zebra Katz style is Blipster Vintage Couture."

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