Beyonce and Jay-Z, the most coveted attendees of Art Basel Miami's many parties (or, you know, just the entire proverbial 'party circuit' in general), stopped in at artist Jose Parla and JR's Wrinkles of the City book launch last night at the Standard Miami. Bey and Jay mingled with the artists and other partygoers, who included Todd Eberle, Andre Saraiva and Aaron Young, and guests were also shown a film about some of the Cuban senior citizens whose face and stories are featured both in the book and in JR and Parla's murals painted around Havana. In addition to the book, Parla also launched pop-up Caf├ęcito Neptuno at The Standard Miami this week, which served cuban food from much-loved Miami eatery David's Cafe. Below, check out photos from the party courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency.