Jonathan Demme's Crazy Mama and The Lady In Red On DVD

Out now on DVD is the great double-bill Crazy Mama and The Lady In Red -- two fun exploitation movies from producer Roger Corman. Crazy Mama (1975) is directed by Jonathan Demme and stars Cloris Leachman on the run and robbing banks in the 1950s with her mother (Ann Southern), her pregnant daughter (Linda Purl) and her surfer boyfriend (Happy Day's Donny Most) Along the way they pick up an old lady and a leather-jacketed biker. It has a good soundtrack of solid '50s hits and, overall, has a genial, goofy comic tone. The Lady In Red (1979) is director Lewis Teague and screenwriter John Sayles teaming before they turned out Alligator. This one is my particular favorite -- it's actually pretty damn good. Pamela Sue Martin stars as a country girl with big dreams who sadly ends up as a call girl in Chicago servicing gangsters. With Robert Foster as a hit man, Robert Conrad as John Dillinger and Louise Fletcher as the madam of the whorehouse.

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