Johnny Knoxville, Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen and More at Purple's Star-Studded Party

Alex Chapman
Last year's Purple magazine party brought out big names like Chloe Sevigny and Terry Richardson (whom we had just talked to the other day -- Hi Terry!), so we knew what we were getting into last night when we attended this year's insane installment.

One kiss on the cheek from Ian Bradley, Le Bain's lovable doorman/stylist to the chicest, and we were on our way to the top floor of the Standard Hotel, where all the elements seem to be in perfect place.

There were the evening's odd couples: Johnny Knoxville, accompanied by the hilarious Rob Riggle (you might remember him from Step Brothers), having a moment with Spike Jonze at Le Bain's bar.

There was a slammin' soundtrack: The Boom Boom Room sported a mix of Shazam-worthy B-sides, while Harley Viera-Newton and Cassie Coane opted for a more mainstream resonance in Le Bain's smoky space, spinning an array of pop classics and hip-hop favorites that kept the crowd swaying drunkenly.

There was even some couples-related natter: Party patrons whispered as Mary Kate-Olsen squeezed by former squeeze Nate Lowman unnoticed, and the room's endlessly flowing traffic lulled to a hault when Terry Richardson arrived with his newest GF, 23-year-old Audrey Gelman. We wondered if she was jealous of Terry's BFF/the only person he snaps shots of anymore, Jared Leto, who stayed by the photographer's side for most of the night before moving onto skinnier, leggier things.

Then, just when we thought that things couldn't get anymore exciting, in walked Lindsay Lohan. The infamous peroxide blonde and former PAPER cover girl charged to the back of the Boom Boom Room with her train of girlfriends in tow, looking happy but clearly wishing to remain unobserved by us oglers. La Lohan spent the bulk of the night incognito, although we did spot her engaged with conversation with funny man/lothario of the moment Jason Sudeikis.

After attempting to do some more Lindsay-watching (who we may have seen being whisked upstairs by Sophomore's Chrissie Miller? ) we made our way through the rest of the shindig, said hello to some friends and eventually found ourselves at the Boom Boom Room bar. Apparently this was where a slew of stars had been hiding all night! Also grabbing a drink or two was a casually dressed Owen Wilson, who was soon enveloped by a gaggle of young girls, and a stunning model Arizona Muse getting photographed while a sweet little something whispered in her ear.

Wondering if Owen and Arizona's luck (and good looks) could potentially rub off on us, we stayed at our barstool a bit longer, only to observe the adorable Peter Brandt Jr. (hey -- Mr. Mickey thinks he's a cutie too!) partying the night away with his young entourage. Best post-prom ever!

As we made our final rounds, there were clearly still sights to be seen: A newlywed (during the Imitation of Christ fashion show) Lydia Hearst taking pictures with admirers by the Boom Boom Room's DJ booth;  Andre Balzas walking through the room only to be greeted by every waitress on the clock; and Anabelle Dexter-Jones standing by Le Bain's open doors with Purple's aviator-clad editor Olivier Zahm

And then the moment of truth -- party photog the Cobrasnake came near, and we prepared for our close up. Take it from someone who now knows: there is nothing like having that man look right through you. Sad face! But we moved on quickly -- we probably still had some Milk Studios macaroon residue on our face anyways.

The fun and festive night was a who's who of foo foo, and we loved every second! But as we saw party staples Johann Lindenberg (whose BLK DNM line was also hosting the celebration) and Waris Ahluwalia begin to creep towards the exit elevator, we figured it was just about our bedtime too.

Eighteen floors later and we were back where the evening started, only this time greeted by a huge crowd holding court outside the Standard doors. We kissed Ian on the cheek goodbye, wishing him luck with the gathered masses. "Thanks," he replied. "I'm gonna need it."

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