John Krasinski, David Schwimmer and Ladyfag LOOve Zoe Buckman's "Loos"

Jake Stavis

Look out, nightlife photographers, there's a new girl in town and she's taking the clubs, or at least their restrooms, by storm. British photographer Zoe Buckman's new show "Loos" (at Milk Gallery through June 9) creatively captures bacchanalian bathroom culture by recreating scenes the artist overheard while working as a cocktail waitress in London nightclubs. Buckman's images, often paired with funny captions, celebrate a spectrum of emotions and show the contrast between the private self and the public persona one assumes within the often cramped and mirrored walls of the loo. Last night's opening garnered a rather impressive guest list including Zach Braff, John Krasinski, Amanda Lepore, and David Schwimmer, Buckman's fiancee. The ever-charming Ladyfag, who artfully posed for a portrait captioned "she broke my fucking heart, that's what she did," also stopped by for a drink. On working with Buckman, Ms. Fag said "she was fabulous... this is testament to how sweet she is. This is her show, and she can do whatever she wants, but she actually wrote me first and asked if it was okay that she wrote that. I was like, you're going beyond the call of duty." 

We caught up later in the night with Buckman for a one-on-one about her New York debut.

Did you face any problems working in such a cramped space like a bathroom?
You're the first one to ask that! Yeah it's pretty much always in a tiny space. It's really hard to light, and there's also dealing with mirrors and bouncing lights all over the place and being able to see equipment behind you in reflections. Yeah it was tricky, and I was often kind of squished or sandwiched in between stools or kneeling down.

Has anyone ever noticed you eavesdropping in the bathroom and gotten mad?
I think because I'm quite a positive and friendly person I never got into any fights or scrapes in the loos. You definitely encounter some bitchiness, though, and I think we've all had moments where we've played into it.

How did you choose the women for your images?
Mainly they were friends or friends of friends, and then there were other figures like Ladyfag where I just really desperately wanted to photograph her. I think she's so fabulous and I happen to know she has this whole nightlife following, and I know that she's probably had many moments in bathrooms having a riot, so I was like 'She'd be perfect.' I was really thrilled when she agreed to do it."

You've been in New York three years now: have you noticed any differences between the American and British loo scenes?
I think it's just the accent.

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