John Baldessari on your iPad and G.G. Allin Bobbleheads in Today's Eight Items or Less

Jonah Wolf

1) Conceptual artist John Baldessari invites you to re-mix Abraham van Beyeren's 1667 "Banquet Still Life" with his "In Still Life" website (also available as an iPhone app).

2) The Guggenheim's Dark Sounds concert series, July 15-September 3, will feature the chamber-pop sounds of Beirut, Andrew Bird, and Cinematic Orchestra.

3) Tiffany and Debbie Gibson co-star in Syfy's made-for-TV Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

4) Interscope reissues Queens of the Stone Age's Rated R.

5) G.G. Allin bobbleheads.

6) Just click the soccer ball: YouTube adds vuvuzela sound to all videos.

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