Joe Zee, Iman, Karen Elson and a Dance Contest at Lanvin's Surreal FNO

Alex Catarinella

PAPERMAG isn't so sure what happened last night at Lanvin's FNO. We can report that it involved a dance-off competition, champagne-swilling Lanvin-clad ladies-who-lunch and massive trophies at the posh Upper East Side flagship.

Additionally, we can report that the adorably bubbly Joe Zee played hostest-with-the-mostest, and that the eccentric panel of judges included an (obviously) gorgeous Iman, Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade (because fashion is a sport), and fierce Beyoncé choreographer, Sheryl Murakami as a "surprise judge."

Five enthusiastic pairs of participants hopped on stage to give their best reenactment of the fall/winter 2011 campaign video, which, PS, stars Raquel Zimmermann and Karen Elson (who was also in the house last night). As judges, Zee was very encouraging of those brave enough to compete ("You are giving me New Kids on the Block shuffle, you are giving me face!") and Iman was Iman ("Times are tough..."). The competition ended with Dwayne and Sheryl showcasing moves of their own.

Zee eventually got in on the action and hit the dance floor to cheers. Then, for a moment, everyone's favorite fashion diva raised her arms in the air and looked as though she was on her way to making gay dreams come true, but, alas no. "I was raising my hand because someone was taking a picture of me," said Iman into the microphone with a smirk to roars of laughter. It was like the Twilight Zone for the fashionable. It was sweaty and chic. It was everything.

PAPERMAG chatted with the undisputed fashion gods of the evening, Iman and Joe Zee:

Alex Catarinella:
You just judged a dance competition! When was the last time you hit the town for a dance-off?

Iman: Oh my God. I think the Studio 54 days. That's the last dance-off I did.

AC: What does Iman wear while running errands in the city?

Iman: Black jeans, Lanvin flats and a t-shirt.

AC: Did being a part of "the Fashion Show" influence or change your views on the fashion world in any way?

Iman: No, it didn't influence me. It influenced them, because I've been in fashion for a long time.

AC: What's your favorite Davie Bowie song?

Iman: "Heroes."

With nearly all the blood drained in our face from Iman's fabulously stone-cold-chic answers, we moved on to chatting with Zee next, who warmed us back up.

Alex Catarinella: You're big on Tweeting! Who are your favorite tweeters?

Joe Zee: I think Mindy Kaling is hysterical. I think Tom and Lorenzo are hysterical. I get news off of Twitter. But fashion-wise, I love Oscar PR Girl. I think she's hysterical.

AC: Are you excited to check out any up-and-coming designers this week?

JZ: New designers? Oh God. I don't know if I'm doing so many new-new! I think I'm just an old guy who's just running from Alex Wang to Rodarte to Philip Lim.

AC: You have your own show, All on the Line on Sundance, you were on "The City"... What's your favorite reality show?

JZ: So You Think You Can Dance! I tweeted Cat Deeley tonight to give me tips for what to do and she wrote me back and she said, "Be fun, be personable, be yourself. And if all else fails, do the funky chicken."

AC: And where will you be burning up the dance floor this week?

JZ: The Barney's party for Carine Roitfeld. Alex Wang's party. The Black and White Ball. Calvin Klein's having a dinner. Narciso's after-party because he's a friend. There's always something different every night.

AC: What can we expect from season two of All on the Line?

JZ: I'm in the middle of filming the second season right now. We're almost done. It's gonna be great. A lot like season one, but it's gonna be tighter, a lot more design, and interesting things that really happened.

AC: Your personal style in five words or less.... go!

JZ: Oh, really? Comfortable, boring, black... (laughs)

AC: And sunglasses at night, apparently...

JZ: I'm trying to be Alber [Elbaz] tonight. I do have sunglasses on at night, so I guess "affected" too. (laughs)

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