Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News Is Baaaack

by Abby Schreiber

Jimmy Kimmel's 'Lie Witness News' is baaack. This time, he's trolling unsuspecting folks on Hollywood Blvd., asking them about their thoughts on whether Hollywood's new Godzilla movie "glamorizes the real tragic lizard attack on Tokyo in 1954." Peoples' answers are...jaw dropping. [via Jimmy Kimmel]

"Time is a flat circle." [via I Put the Chill In Chillwave]

Whoa. An entire 7 train in NYC has been transformed into #SeinfeldSubway, complete with a recreation of Monk's diner and photos of George, Jerry, and Elaine hanging out in the cars. [via Pop Culture Brain]

Stop, drop, and roll before you take that selfie. [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

Jimmy Fallon and Terry Crews performed a 'nip sync' (yep, that would be a series of synchronized pec flexes) to Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney's jam, "Ebony and Ivory." We gotta say, Jimmy, we had no idea you were in such great shape. [via Tonight Show]

The discovery was made in your aunt's house when she was cleaning out her basement. [via Coin Farts]

You do you on this lovely spring day, you do you. [via F Yeah Dementia]

The Rock <3 a rock. [via Tall Whitney]

This is sweet: a movie reporter got big-time stars like Emma Stone, Miss Piggy, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and more to wish his bride congratulations on their wedding day. [via Tastefully Offensive]

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