Jim Jarmusch's The Limits Of Control: "Beautiful, Strange and Like a Perfect Piece of Jazz"

The Limits of Control, which opens today, is not to be missed. The Zen-like cool direction of Jim Jarmusch mixed with the almost supernatural beauty of cinematographer Christopher Doyle’s imagery help strike the mood for this languorous tale of a loner (Isaach De Bankole) on an inscrutable mission in Spain. Dressed in iridescent shiny suits, the stoic loner sits in endless cafes ordering two espressos in separate cups -- and waits. There are oblique encounters with strangers (Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Gael Garcia Bernal) who wax metaphysically while exchanging tiny matchboxes across the table. His journey leads him to an armed encampment with a mysterious American (Bill Murray). There is an anti-action French New Wave feel to the proceedings, like Jean-Pierre Melville’s Le Samourai in many ways. Beautiful, strange and like a perfect piece of jazz, it sends you out of the theater in a blissed haze.

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