Jim Jarmusch In Control

Full disclosure: Indie film icon and perennial Cannes darling Jim Jarmusch is a friend so I come to his films with some ambivalence. Sometimes you love the man but not the work. In the case of his newest work The Limits of Control I'm glad to say I can love them both. As in all his films, we embark on a journey we know not where or why. Along the way, we are treated to discourses and ruminations on the nature of art, music, film and more. A tribute to the French nouvelle vague, The Limits of Control stars Isaach De Bankole as a laconic hit man others are constantly talking to. Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Gael Garcia Bernal make cameos, but Paz De La Huerta's bare nakedness makes her the film's breakout star. Beautifully rendered by cinematographer Christopher Doyle, The Limits of Control is an existential thriller where the action takes place as much in the mind of the beholder as on the screen. A smart film for people who like to think. I hope that's you. Out in May.

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