Jeremy Scott's Rainbow Cyberpoodles

Photos by Rebecca Smeyne

For Jeremy Scott's F/W '12 collection, which debuted yesterday, the pop-inspired designer played with Internet culture via rainbow keyboard-prints and sweaters featuring giant emoticons as well as pixelated graphics straight out of Windows 95. Scott also incorporated '90s culture via Simpsons' hero Bart Simpson, whose mug appeared on snug sweater dresses and hot pants through out the show. Models sported big, triangular bobs that looked like fluffy poodle fur and were painted with candy-colored streaks. They also had bright, cerulean lips and wore Hindu wedding jewelry. Check out photographer Rebecca Smeyne's shots from backstage at the Scott's show below, which includes a rainbow-colored dress made entirely of human hair and Joe Jonas! (It was also Rebecca who used the term "cyberpoodle" to describe the line, which we just cannot top. It's the perfect description.)

Mary Ellen Mark

Cory Kennedy and Mark Hunter

Joe Jonas!

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