Jer Ber Jones is "Fowl"!

Do NOT miss FOWL, the first full length extravaganza starring Jer Ber Jones, the twisted sister of musician and artist Robbie D, one of my favorite performers working the alt-cabaret-techno-drag-electroclash-Silver Lake-performance-art-circuit today! Both Robbie and Jer Ber are terminally unique in ways that redefine the words "terminal" and "unique." Jer Ber Jones has to be seen to be believed...and even then you won't believe "her"! Aided and abetted by The Sir Heffington Dancers (Sir has choreographed for the likes of Peaches and Fisherspooner) the devil will surely be alive and high-kicking in Miss Jones as she struts her stuff this weekend at the Cavern Club Theater (The theater is located in the basement of Silver Lake's Casito del Campos restaurant and is, hence, more marguerita-friendly -- and fun -- than ordinary theaters!)

Self described "tranimal" Jones sent out the following press release:

FOWL is a "made for stage", heart warming tragedy about a young mother bird (Jer Ber Jones) who gets swept up in the sheer joy of decorating her nest. Jer Ber's eggs hatch prematurely. Witness a struggling family unit learn how to hunt for cock & worms, dress stylishly & start following their path as incredible, sophisticated, high paid fashion models & dancers, just like Darcell, from the 1970's music television show SOLID GOLD.

Follow the family as they get arrested, caged, stripped, mug shot and raped. This drama unfolds with an original haunting, freakin pop musical score, Jer Ber's incredible pop vocals and fierce complicated choreography.

I mean, c'mon... Honestly... What's more fullfilling than just over an hour of sophisticated perfected dance moves & twisted, electronic, pop? huh? HUH?

Not much, I'd venture to guess. Check out Jer Ber's MySpace page for more info.  And make your reservations now! FOWL is sure to sell out!!! Shows are Aug. 11, 12, 13 at 9 PM. The Cavern Club Theater is at 1920 Hyperion Avenue, LA, CA 90026.
Phone 323-969-2530
Photo by Palladino Images


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