Jennifer Lawrence was referencing completely memorable comedy First Wives Club when she said 'I beat Meryl' at the Golden Globes. What is wrong with you people? [ONTD]

Happy first birthday to the Lana Del Rey Twirling On Things meme. Our baby is growing up! [ImWithKanye]

A few questions about this photo:
1) Is George Clooney wearing bronzer on his forehead?
2) What is the correct Marry, F*ck, Kill ordering of this photo? (Answer below.*)
3) Is that Nathan Fillion getting his champers on in the background?

Old-timey joke photo. [LaugtherKey]

It's no biggie. HAHAHA. [RatsOff]
Join us on the toad sofa? [LaughingSquid]

This pot pie ate a pot pie. [Reddit]

Tiny Patti Smith! [ThisIsntHappiness]

Drugs not Uggs. [ChrisMohney]

Dramatic Boston Terrier is the new Dramatic Cat. [TastefullyOffensive]

Grilled slime sandwich, anyone? [Coinfarts]

(*Answer: Marry Ben Affleck, f*ck Jon Hamm, kill George Clooney)