Porn king pop singer Jeff Palmer is simply the most fascinating person I've ever come across in my life. As he sits in his skimpy DKNY bikini briefs, enthusiastically but absent-mindedly rubbing his most celebrated appendage, I can't help thinking that Jeff, who oozes star quality, is so much more Old Hollywood than West Hollywood. OK, yes, I also think some less professional thoughts. Sue me. Jeff, who's starred in 11 all-male adult movies and released six CDs is sort of the Joan Crawford of gay porn, although I don't think Joan would let her fans perform oral sex on her. But then again, I could be wrong. It's these "nasty autograph sessions" with their hands-and-mouths-on element that have made Jeff such a hit with his fans. The gorgeous 27-year-old was always an exhibitionist and remembers wearing skin-tight pants to school as a kid in Argentina. At 14, he saw his first gay porn film, starring Peter North, and he thought, "This is the place for me." After traveling around the world he ended up in Miami, answered an ad for Falcon Studios and got hired to do his first film. After three exclusive years with Falcon, he took a break and last year released Jeff Palmer's Lust (Pacific Sun Entertainment), a charming little film which features Jeff at his dominant, sex-hungry best. Based in Miami, Jeff has been traveling the country, singing in clubs and (where law permits) holding his "nasty autograph" sessions. "They can do to me whatever they feel like," Palmer coos in his thick Argentine accent. "I'm there to be with them. If the club says it's not legal to have people sucking my dick I'll say I'm sorry it's not possible. As long as they're not going to try and fuck me. They just want to go down on me and what can I say, no?" Wouldn't Miss Crawford agree?


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