Jamming at Telfar Clemens

Johnny Misheff

Telfar Clemens's show on Monday afternoon was held in the airy and sun-drenched gym of St. Patrick's Church in Nolita. The Olympics ended a few weeks ago, but the spirit of sport was alive in that space. A sure highlight were the Jack Purcells with an added heel in the form of a tennis ball. There was a wrestling-inspired onesy for the body confident man. And the highlight was the final walk, led by four models on folding bikes in primary colors. It was a colorful and much lighter mood than we experienced last February for his A/W '08 collection which showed in St Mark's Church. The mood was darkened slightly but welcome-ly by Fatima Al Qadiri's somber but powerful score. I asked Al Qadiri a couple of questions about it after the show:

So what was the theme you were going for here?
Well, the title summed it up: Symphonic Diet Rave.

OKAAAAY. Wow. Can you break that down for us?
I decided to make rave music without the beats, so it's diet rave. Like, the beats are the calories. Just like, cut the fat. So it's diet rave, but it's really symphonic.

You used some real symphonic touches to get everyone in the mood while we were all being seated. What was that?
That was Beethoven with breathing sounds recorded over it.

It was so relaxing. Very scuba-sounding.
You can thank Bruno for that.

Well, thanks BRUNO!!! And thank you Fatima, you guys rule.

For those of you who don't know, Bruno and Fatima are CHILDREN, and their first track "Business" features the vocal stylings of Shayne Oliver, who designs the Hood By Air stuff (you can also read my story on his show from last Saturday later today). You can here their track here: http://www.myspace.com/houseofchildren


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