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James Franco's First Solo Art Show + The Top 20 Viral Music Videos in Today's Eight Items or Less

Gary Pini

1. James Franco's first solo gallery show  opens on February 20, 2011, at Peres Projects in Berlin. [ArtInfo]

2. A "cover version" of John Cage's "4' 33'" -- consisting of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence -- entered the UK pop chart this week at #21.  [BBC]

3. If you're in a holiday giving mood, here's a list of needy bloggers. [Corrente]

4. The 6th Annual Toys for Dogs benefit is tonight, December 20, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Greenhouse (150 Varick Street).  Bring a toy for a homeless dog and your dog gets a picture with Santa. (Or a dog dressed like Santa?)

5. Little Louie Vega (+ surpise guests) is spinning at his Vega Records holiday party at Cielo (18 Little West 12th Street) on Wednesday, December 22.

6. Billboard magazine's Top 20 (music related) Viral Videos of 2010. Number one? We'd never (run and) tell. [Billboard]

7. Mommy's little piggy! Here are 12 things you possibly didn't know about A Christmas Story. [Buzzfeed]

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