Jam Master Jay's Son TJ Mizell Has a Guerrilla DJ Set on the J Train

by Gary Pini

While it's not your typical music video, this crazy clip is mad nice. You've probably spotted one of New York's many subway breakdance crews while riding the rails, but bet you've never seen a DJ spinning with two decks on the J train. And the DJ seen here is none other than TJ Mizell, son of the late (and great) Jam Master Jay from Run-D.M.C. The records he's using are both by Jay Z: "Tom Ford" and "Show Me What You Got." Wish we'd been there. (Factoid: the sample in the later track is from a song released in 1972 called "Darkest Light" by the Lafayette Afro Rock Band and it's been used on at least 57 other songs.)

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