"Jack White Is a Douchebag" Is Your New Summer Banger

by Elizabeth Thompson

It seems pretty safe to say by now that Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX's "Fancy" is the song of the summer  -- with honorable mentions to Nicki Minaj's "Pills N Potions" and Ariana Grande's "Problems" -- but, then again, the summer's still early and we just might have found a single and accompanying YouTube video that has real potential as a SOTS dark horse. Behold, "Jack White is a Douchebag," by Jack Kennedy and the Douchebags, an infectious banger that depicts a world in which Jack White hits on girls in yoga classes, assaults cab drivers and has a huge penis. We reached out to Kennedy (who's also in the three-way stereo coining-band NightBus), for some more details, because, well, what the fuck is this?

Kennedy, who is based in L.A., says the song was recorded by a couple on vacation, but otherwise that's all he knows about its origins. "I've heard that the people who recorded it were on holiday in Wales and staying in a sheep cottage. It was raining the whole time, and there was really nothing to do. They were super bored, and then this song just kind of came out. They wrote it while they were cooking dinner. They spent like 4 or 5 hours writing it. And then they forgot about it. And now it's on the Internet."  

So is Jack White really known for going to yoga classes and hitting on girls? "It's in no way about the actual Jack White," says Kennedy. "It's a fictitious character whose name is also Jack White who frequents Los Angeles yoga studios, and who I've heard is a total douchebag, but it's not the same Jack White. The coincidences are just really remarkable."

Watch the deeply amazing video above, directed by Titanic Sinclair. We know what we'll be blasting at the beach tomorrow. He's just so intense. 

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