It's a Very Brady GANT by Michael Bastian

Martin Marks

Yesterday, The Park was partially transformed into a tropical jungle as Michael Bastian, fresh off the heels of showing his S/S '12 menswear line, presented his latest collection for GANT. Aptly titled "Sunshine Days," the collection was inspired by the Hawaiian islands, an interesting prospect considering Bastian had never been to Hawaii. Instead, the designer relied on his pop-culture knowledge of the island, which largely came from the television show The Brady Bunch.
Amidst a backdrop of pink and yellow anthuriums -- "festooned" might be the appropriate verb to use here -- and through this very Brady lens, Bastian creates a colorful take on luau-wear. The camouflage -- found on shirt-jackets, cut-off cargo shorts and even a more formal bow-tie -- is a vibrant red, while many pieces in the collection toyed with the notion of found objects, rope belts and cowry-shell and drawstring ruggers abounding. With references to resort-wear and tourist gear, the shorts and swim trunks could solidly be placed in the 1970s, in both cut and color, while the cartoon tortoises and hippos decorating several pairs of shorts brought us back to the element of television. Greg and Marcia would approve.

Photos by Patrick McMullan
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