Is This The Best School Picture Ever?

by Elizabeth Thompson

Here it is: The best-ever school picture ever. It's got the works: '80s/early-'90s laser background, an adorable dog t-shirt, glasses, hands on hips, and an expression that says "well, I guess we're doing this." We love you, whoever you are. [Reddit

Dogs versus their mortal enemy, the mail. [TastefullyOffensive]

Hope everyone had a great Easter. [LaughterKey]

OG Simpsons. [PopCultureBrain]

Sadie the cockatoo has a dance-off with Jonathan the macaw to "What Is Love." Sadie was clearly out in the sun for 8 hours and popping molly before this so she's disqualified.

Here's a clip of a magician doing some crazy-ass tricks on Britain's Got Talent. At first we were like, 'yeah, yeah, yeah, this guy can pull doves out of his jacket, big deal," but then shit got REAL. [Uproxx]

You just got Cooped, son! [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Say 1-2 times a day under your breath at work while shaking your head. Repeat. [Mlkshk

Ease into Monday with this video of a cat fishing for cat. [Dlisted]

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