Is Jake Gyllenhaal Ape Shit for Gorilla Coffee?

Everyone was in a tizzy this weekend when new couple Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted ordering lattes at Park Slope coffee shop Gorilla. We were in our own little tizzy because we remembered that almost exactly one year ago, we were minding our little business, ordering a small cuppa joe at Gorilla, en route to meet up with a friend at the Atlantic Antic, when we spotted Jake G. and his then girlfriend Reese Witherspoon on line with us (yes, we're from New York, we say "on line" instead of "in line"). We imagine his now signature bringing-the-famous-girlfriend-to-Gorilla-Coffee move mostly has to do with the fact that his sister Maggie lives only a few blocks away, and he tends to stay with her and her husband Peter Sarsgaard when he's in town, and Gorilla is an obvious and convenient option, but in any case, we thought this was a relevant and important nugget to share with you. 

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