Is Armani Selling $30 Diapers to Russian Babies?

by Abby Schreiber
In today's "fashion headlines that should have appeared in The Onion," we've come across a supposed ad for Armani diapers selling for €23 (that's $30!) each. Though it's highly likely that we're all getting trolled and the ad's a fake, it's a pretty sophisticated one at that: a link to find the diapers directs you to a site for "Armani Russia," powered by e-commerce site Yoox (but, as Jezebel points out, the link to actually buy the diapers doesn't seem to be working), and there's even an image which purports to show the ad in Russian Tatler (below) with the tag-line "When only the best is good enough."

This has to be fake, right? Right? But what if it's not? What if soon there will be a generation of crazy wealthy Russian babies scampering around whose oil-rich oligarch/media tycoon/[insert over-simplified stereotype of ways 21st Century Russians get rich here] parents have spent as much money on poop receptacles as an editor at an indie publication pays for the majority of her shoes. On the other hand, this could be a real boon for Justin Bieber: we know he's already a fan of saggy, diaper-like pants and is not potty trained. Special commission in 3-2-1...

In other WTF style news, Karl Lagerfeld is designing leather-clad dirndls and pinafores for his new Munich-based concept store. The pieces are set to arrive, of course, shortly before Oktoberfest.

[via Jezebel/WWD]

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