Instagift Guide: Michelle Violy Harper, Bergdorf-a-Holic

Michelle Violy Harper

All items available at Bergdorf Goodman,754 5th Ave., New York.

"I love Bergdorf Goodman; it has been standing tall and elegant for 111 years."

Library of Exotic Chocolate Bars by Vosges Haut-Chocolat. $99

Diamond necklace by Kentshire. Price upon request.

Greeting cards by Bernard Maisner. $34

Tea by Mariage Freres. $32

Fragrance and earrings by Joel Arthur Rosenthal. $950 for the fragrance and $3,300 to $5,900 for the earrings.

Vintage books. , Prices vary.

Habitat for Humanity. Make a donation at

"My favorite gift on my list is a hefty donation to Habitat for Humanity to help those without a home--including victims of Hurricane Sandy."

Vintage breakfast set. $4,500

"This beautiful, antique breakfast-in-bed tea set comes complete with every breakfast accessory or tool you could imagine. Why not make your loved one breakfast in bed? That's a great gift!"

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