What started in 2011 as Elijah “Kid Love” Pryor and Michael “Manolo Mike” Collins dressing in late '80s/early '90s fashions out of A Different World and House Party has evolved into a small-scale style revolution in the form of Tribe NYC. Though the look -- dookie rope chains, acid-washed jeans, Zubaz pants, or basically anything that Kid 'n' Play would have worn -- has been on the upswing since at least 2008 after similar hip-hop and fashion crews like Retro Kidz burst on the scene, Tribe NYC takes it all one step further, creating an entire ethos out of the aesthetic. A collective of 15-20 young artists, designers, DJs, rappers, dancers, and writers, the group considers their propensity toward '80s and '90s culture as an embracing of an era when they feel individuality was championed over sameness. This look has also crossed over into mainstream celebrity culture in recent years, from Knicks player Iman Shumpert's hi-top fade to Jaden Smith rocking a 'do that looks like it could've been worn by his dad when Will was still known as the Fresh Prince.

The collective produce their own music and music videos ("like Wu-Tang, but different," they say), including one recent track called "Thug Passion." They also model (like this shoot they did for Manhattan Portage) and produce photo shoots. Appropriately, we met up with this eye-catching crew in front of Keith Haring's 1986 "Crack Is Wack" mural in Harlem to hang out, talk fashion and learn more about their ethos.