Artist couple Signe Pierce and Alli Coates first caught our attention with their performance art film American Reflexxx, which has been screening at art shows throughout the country for the past year, and made its online debut this week. The piece conducts a social experiment in which Signe struts around the bro-clogged, neon-lit promenades of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, wearing platform heels, a mini-dress, and an outerworldly silver mask that completely obscures her face, silently roaming among pedestrians as Alli shoots video. The resulting footage of her encounters is a fascinating, poignant and disturbing exploration of mob mentality and contemporary attitudes about gender and sexuality.

The blonde duo consider their work to be part of a cyberfeminist social and aesthetic movement, in which the Internet has enabled the rise of the feminine perspective via social media and online publishing. They met three years ago in New York, but recently made the move to LA and live together in a pink-filled Barbie bungalow, where their cyberfemme aesthetic unfolds in full force. We recently had the chance to visit them at home and take a look at their signature lifestyle. Photos, below.