Founded in 1996 by artist Peter Halley, Index magazine was ahead of its time. Not only because it featured work by emerging artists, photographers and actors -- like Terry Richardson, Ryan McGinley and Kate Winslet -- but also because it had the foresight to close its print version several years ago before everyone jumped on the bandwagon. While it was one of the few magazines to hold my interest, it remained but a faint memory until recent news of its resuscitation online as . A deft combination of archived stories from its glorious past as well as lots of new stuff -- like an interview with Wilco's Nels Cline -- Index also features new videos. One that has become a guilty pleasure of mine is a serial called Delusional Downtown Divas directed by and also starring Lena Dunham. Give it a few minutes of your time and might become a GP of yours as well.

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