Inauguration Report: "You Make Me Want to Shout!" Inaugural Concert

Christina Hardy

While standing with over 500,000 people and using binoculars to watch a Megatron screen of Hollywood's finest is not usually my idea of fun, I had to tell myself "You know what self, this is a once in a lifetime moment. Take advantage!" And that is exactly what I did at the "We Are One" Inaugural Concert on the steps of theLincoln Memorial.

It's not that often that you'll find Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Marisa Tomei, Bruce Springstein, U2, James Taylor, Jamie Foxx, Shakira, Forrest Whitaker, John Mellencamp and Queen Latifah all in one place! Oh, and not to mention a surprise visit by the man of the hour Barack Obama, accompanied by Michelle Obama and the beautiful babies Sasha and Malia.

And who would have though that Garth Brooks would be the one to SHUT IT DOWN! Have you ever seen almost a million people jump and down while singing "SHOUT!" Well, I have! His renditions of Don McLean's "American Pie" and "Shout" brought the house... or um... the Memorial down!

And at the closing of the concert Obama addressed the frozen crowd who gleamed with pride as he took the podium. Chants of "OBAMA" filled the air and died down just in time for Beyoncé to close the night out with "America the Beautiful."

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