In Which Nate Lowman Teaches Us Dirty Italian Slang at the Club Monaco/Dazed & Confused Dinner

Alex Chapman

Wednesday night, PAPERMAG peeled off the NYFW mainstays and headed in another direction -- east, to be specific, for an intimate dinner at Austrian eatery Edi & Wolf, hosted by Dazed & Confused and Club Monaco. The serene soiree started with an assortment of drinks and small talk amongst the event's distinguished guests, including Lulu Gainsborough, Waris Ahluwalia and actress Elodie Bouchez .

We stopped and sipped alongside Carlos Quirarte, the bearded entrepreneur responsible for New York's Jane Ballroom, The Smile, and Westway, where he recently held a Fashion Week karaoke extravaganza for former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld. ""I never thought I'd see Valentino do karaoke," Quirarte said of the night's surprises. "That was a great moment."

And does Quirarte dabble in the karaoke himself?

"That party made everyone comfortable enough to do karaoke--I was doing
karaoke until about 4:30 in the morning."

They should have karaoke at Westway more often!

"I think we're going to."

Yay! We were going to suggest Dance Dance Revolution at The Jane, but
decided not to push our luck.

We thanked the kind club owner/restaurateur for speaking with us and scrambled for a decent dinner seat, only to bump into another bearded fellow of vast achievement, BLK DNM's Johan Lindenberg. We wondered if he was, like us, a Club Monaco fan. "I must say I am a fan of Club Monaco," Johan, a close friend of the party's host, French stylist Aleksandra Woroniecka, told us. "I think it's the only brand that Ralph acquired that makes them rather special." Well!

We sat down to schnitzel and wine with a few comrades, during which we were entertained by a short Club Monaco film about pretty people and their personal style. We clapped (the movie was quite good), we ate, and before we knew it, another good-looking surprise --  this time via an impromptu acoustic set from Matthew Hutchinson's band Our Mountain, which features lovely supermodel Abby Lee Kershaw.

As dinner drew to a close and its fashionable attendees made plans for the remainder of the evening, we spoke with artist Nate Lowman about his upcoming trip to Rome for a show at The American Academy. Had he been before?

"I went when I was 18 as apart of a foreign exchange program," Lowman told us.

We asked if he could teach us some Italian. "I learned some Wenetian slang while I was there -- There was this word they used called desbarro, which I don't know how to spell. I think one part of it was spelled like the pizza chain, Sbarro?"

What does it mean anyways?

"It's basically like shooting your a cum shot. It was kinda meant to be like 'what the fuck!' or 'c'mon!' It was their version of 'dude' for America."

Nate Lowman, folks -- one cool desbarro.

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