In Which Donald Glover Tells AndrewAndrew They Look Like "Willy Wonka Heirs" at the Band of Outsiders Show


Though Andrews faced a rough start getting into the Band of Outsiders show last night (we did our homework, AA, we swear!), all the kinks were eventually ironed out and they soon found themselves watching ponchos, bright sweaters and the slim, clean suits that make B.o.S. so very necessary head down the runway. Their video above is a treasure chest of fun, including chats with Donald Glover (who told Andrews they looked "like the heirs to the Willy Wonka fortune"), B.o.S. designer Scott Sternberg, who weighs in on the show's puzzling use of harnesses, and Aziz Ansari who makes his predictions for the line's future looks. We hope you're into hang gliding.

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