Rihanna does it again! The pop siren is definitely not going goody two shoes on us with the video for her new single, "Man Down." Released on Tuesday, the video raised the wrath of several organizations, like The Parents Television Council, who usually speak out on such things. Unlike "S&M;," her sexually explicit music video which was also controversial, "Man Down" is more nuanced. And not really that sexy at all. What's got people stirred up this time is that the video features the vigilante justice of a woman taking the law into her own hands after being raped by a man she meets in a club. It's a touchy subject that needs to be discussed. If Rihanna succeeds in getting people to talk about it -- without the sexist "She was asking for it" comment men hear more than women -- then she's accomplished something important. Apparently, in reaction to the arrest of IMF honcho Dominique Strauss-Kahn, French newspapers are now filled with reports of women coming forward with stories of rape and intimidation they were once too scared to bring up lest they be fired from their jobs or vilified in public. Rihanna is on point and we like it.

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