In Honor Of True Blood's Return: Joe Manganiello Outtakes From Our Beautiful People Issue


Did you hear, did you hear? True Blood returns this Sunday for its fourth season. Last we left things, Eric was maybe or maybe not becoming a good guy, Bill had some serious explaining to do about the night he met Sookie, Tara and Sam were doing it again and Sookie was transported to fairyland. (This show is beyond ridiculous. Still, we watch.) And what of the newly introduced, strapping werewolf, Alcide? He was certainly sniffing around the now-single Sookie a lot last season. Perhaps a warm-blooded fling's approaching? Alcide, played by the criminally hunky Joe Manganiello, is one of our favorite new characters and we hope he gets a chance to develop a little more this season. And by "develop" we mean remove his clothing. Just kidding, but not really. Anyway, Manganiello posed for our April Beautiful People this year and, to gear up for Sunday night, we're sharing these outtakes from our shoot. Teen Wolf, shmeen wolf. True Blood season four, here we come. 

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