Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora Channel Kill Bill in "Black Widow"

by Justin Moran

Two of our favorite cover stars--Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora--have teamed up on the video treatment for venomous single, "Black Widow," which features Kill Bill Vol. 1 actor Michael Madsen and plenty of ass-kicking Kill Bill references. In the clip, Azalea plays a waitress who strikes a nerve with Ora's controlling boyfriend, played by Madsen, when she gets his sandwich order wrong.  Like any waitress faced with rude customers, Azalea slips into a revenge fantasy, giving her best Uma Thurman impression while on the prowl for payback against Madsen. During her quest, the Aussie rapper masters her samurai skills while Ora gambles against a table of men that includes rapper T.I. The dynamic duo eventually finds Madsen hidden in a dimly lit club and finally kills him with, of course, a black widow's deadly bite. Watch the video above.

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