Ibiza Mega Club Space Is Headed to NYC

Gary Pini
Funny how we were just lamenting the lack of big nightclubs in New York City, and then along comes word that famed Ibiza club Space is opening an off-shoot on West 50th Street. In a humorous hyperbole/typo, the New York Post claims that the club will have a capacity of 13,000 people. We suspect that's a little on the high side since it's in the same spot that was going to house a branch of Manchester, UK, club Sankeys and that spot supposedly only had a capacity of 1,100. Sankeys threw in the towel after they were unable to convince Community Board 4 that EDM is not the devil's music. Another big nightclub, Finale, is coming to 199 Bowery, and invitations have already gone out for a sneak preview on Halloween hosted by Heidi Klum. The Daily News says she's going as Cleopatra, but we really loved last year's "skinned alive" get-up.

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