"I Think You Might Like It": We Did!

Despite what other outlets might say, we find there's something very charming about John Travolta's meek grin in this video for an upcoming holiday duets album with Olivia Newton-John. It's as if he knows how goofy it is that he's still mining nostalgia for a 35-year-old film, but instead of being ashamed, he finds it just as funny as the rest of us do. We only wish there were more shots of him and Newton-John dancing their "little dance we do" instead of the weird airport-family-reunion scenes. Still, the lime-green convertible is pretty cool, and the tune isn't half bad.

Bonus: this video of John and Olivia doing "You're the One That I Want" in 2002 is enough to make anyone forget about Battlefield Earth. (Just kidding: nobody remembers Battlefield Earth!)

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