Hunger Games Nail Art + Blossom Stars in Old Navy Ad In Today's Style Scraps

Karlie Kloss proves models can be funny when she tweeted a side-by-side "Who Wore It Better?"-style image of herself and Will Ferrell wearing flowers on their head. [Fashionista]

American Idol, who recently enlisted Tommy Hilfiger as its "image advisor," will now have a clothing line at Kohl's produced by an off-shoot of LF USA, which Hilfiger co-founded. [Vogue UK]

The new issue of i-D takes inspiration from royalty but Kate Middleton fashion, it's not. []

The Obama campaign is now selling a custom, three-piece nail polish collection at $40 a pop.  Take that Romney/Santorum/Gingrich/Paul! []

Speaking of nail polish, Racked has compiled some Hunger Games-inspired beauty tutorials for hair, nails and cuckoo crazy Effie Trinket makeup. 

Stella McCartney revealed the uniforms she designed for Team Great Britain to wear at this summer's upcoming London Olympics but was criticized for not including enough red. [Fashionista]

In this new Old Navy ad, the brand reveals their Chief Floral Officer and it's none other than...Blossom!  Mayim Bialik steps into her signature sitcom garb (floppy hat, long jean skirt) and -- wait for it -- Joey Lawrence even makes an appearance with his muscles hanging out.  "Whoa!" [Refinery 29]

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