Humpday: "Can This Bromance Become a Blowmance?"

Mumblecore meets Kevin Smith in Lynn Shelton’s phenomenally funny Humpday, opening Friday, about two straight friends who agree to make a gay porn film together. Andrew (Joshua Leonard), who’s been bumming around Mexico, shows up in the middle of the night at the door of his old college friend Ben (Mark Duplass) who has settled down and is married to Anna (Alycia Delmore). The two dudes get drunk at a party, someone mentions an annual amateur porn festival and Andrew and Ben drunkenly brag that they will make one together -- that it will be “art” and “beyond gay”. But can this bromance become a blowmance? And how the hell is Ben going to explain this to his wife? What’s great is that the humor builds organically and is more truthful and funny about friendship and sexuality than any rude boy comedy. The scene at the end when they meet in the hotel room to “do it” is tragically hilarious.

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