Forget renting out the upstairs room of the Spotted Pig and/or flying 12 of your best friends to the Turks and Caicos for a spa weekend. The hottest celebrity birthday trend is about as unglamorous as hot celebrity birthday trends get: taking a spin class at SoulCycle.

First, back in December, SoulCycle devotee Jake Gyllenhaal inadvertently started the trend by spending the morning of his 31st birthday at a SoulCycle class in Union Square. Then in late March, Star Jones kicked off her 50th birthday weekend with a private group class at a SoulCycle in New York. A few days later Lady Gaga celebrated her 26th birthday with a spin class for her buds at West Hollywood's SoulCycle. Then in May, Lena Dunham also celebrated her 26th birthday at SoulCycle, but in New York, with New Girl's Max Greenfield (pictured at left) and her dad in attendance. Today, we learned that over the weekend, actress Minka Kelly (pictured below) spent the morning of her 32nd birthday at SoulCycle in L.A., and that afterwards she was presented with a cupcake.

Though this trend gives off a heavy "stars -- they're just like us!" vibe, spending one's birthday working out just does not seem enjoyable to us... though getting to touch a sweaty Max Greenfield looks fun.