Honey Badger's "Randall" Captured In the Wilds of L.A.

Elizabeth Thompson

Leave it to a TMZ camera crew to uncover the as-of-now unseen "Randall," narrator of the viral video sensation "The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger." Though he appears to to be wearing a disguise of ladies sunglasses and, possibly a wig (sorry if it's not a wig, Randall!), that's definitely the nastyass voice of the narrator, stupid! As we mentioned in our Honey Badger news roundup last week, the real Randall is likely actor/comedian Christopher Gordon, but Randall/possibly Gordon is apparently still going to lengths to keep his identity a mystery. Give it up, Randall! With a Honey Badger TV show in the works as well as a new book and iPhone games, it's time to embrace the spotlight. Honey Badger definitely would. He don't care.

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