Politics, fashion and the media don't often interface, but when they do I don't want to miss an opportunity to comment, especially when it involves the state of Hillary Clinton's cleavage. When is a little too much?

A slow news day found Robin Givhan, the Washington Post's Pulitzer Prize winning fashion reporter, watching C-Span. (Guess that's what Washington reporters do on a slow news day!) What she saw was Hillary expounding on the burdensome cost of higher education. But what caught her eye was something altogether different.

She was wearing a rose-colored blazer over a black top. The neckline sat low on her chest and had a subtle V-shape. The cleavage registered after only a quick glance. No scrunch-faced scrutiny was necessary. There wasn't an unseemly amount of cleavage showing, but there it was. Undeniable

Besides sounding like the opening of a tawdry romance novel, Givhan's comments in Washington's paper of record set off a barrage of commentary, most notably from the Hillary campaign office which saw this as an opportunity to rally the troops against another vicious attack upon their chosen leader. It called Givhan's column on Clinton's cleavage "grossly inappropriate" and asked donors "to take a stand against this kind of coarseness and pettiness in American culture." Senior Clinton adviser Ann Lewis urged donors to help fight treatment she termed "insulting."

Lets start with Givhan. She should get out of the house more. Given fashion's state of infatuation with cleavage, Hillary's demur decolette barely rates a nod. Looks that were once reserved for nightclubs and Academy Awards shows are now commonly sported on subways by healthy looking young ladies who don't seem to give a damn if some man keeps peeping their cleavage.

Hillary's folks shouldn't have made much of this either. The high road would have served them better, it being undignified for a former first lady and Presidential candidate to comment upon.

The proper attire for a western woman politician has given fashion advice columnists pause ever since the passing of the Chanel suit as the outfit de rigeur. Women politicians and dignitaries from other parts of the world have saris and other traditional garb to don on ceremonial occasions. But what is a woman like Hillary to do to look respectable to the YouTube generation? I would bypass the cleavage issue altogether. And start another contretemps over Hillary's hair. I think that if she let it grow out a bit, it would soften her image and make those pants suits she likes to sport a bit more currency.

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