Here's Your First 2013 Party Jam: Azealia Banks' New Track, "BBD"

If, like us, your sleep cycle is still out of whack from the fun-but-somewhat-misguided decision to forgo your sensible "gourmet dinner party at home" plans on New Year's Eve in favor of a warehouse party with 400 strangers in Bushwick, Azealia Banks' latest track, "BBD," will jolt you awake this Wednesday morning more quickly than that venti coffee you've been nursing since 9 a.m. The rapper released the single hours before the end of 2012 and the trap track -- produced by Apple Juice Kid (who, fun fact, is a professor at the University of North Carolina) and Sup Doodle -- features high voltage bass, chants of "Bad Bitches Do It" (from which the song gets its name) and a nod to another 'BBD' reference: 90s R&B all-stars Bell Biv Devoe. Though the song is a one-off and won't be appearing on her forthcoming LP, Broke With Expensive Taste, Banks announced that the first single from her debut album will be called "Miss Amor" and will include a B side titled "Miss Camaraderie." Listen to "BBD" below.

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